Radnor Connect

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Request a Service (411 Application)

Radnor Connect is a free, simple, and intuitive online and smartphone application that enables the residents of Radnor Township to identify quality of life and environmental issues and report them to the appropriate department.

Powered by CitySourced technology, the application uses your mobile devices’ global positioning system (GPS) to automatically provide the issue's location, simplifying the reporting process for both you and Township staff. Once you have submitted an issue, you track resolution efforts within Radnor Connect or via the web. Radnor Connect is free to download and use. Sign Up today!

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Basic Instructions for reporting on your mobile devices:

  • Download the app on your mobile devices
  • Launch the app on your mobile devices
  • Click Radnor Connect on the home screen
  • Click on any of the reporting categories
  • Snap / attach the picture, video or sound clip to the issue (continue to the next step if no images was selected)
  • Enter the address or use your current GPS location
  • Select a Report Type
  • Writing a detail description of your issue
  • Select submit 

Tips for Using Radnor Connect:

  • Stay safe; don't attempt to use Radnor Connect while operation your vehicle.
  • Be sure that the GPS feature on your device is turned on.
  • Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; check your plan.
  • Try to provide additional comments such as streets, cross-streets, or landmarks.
  • Avoid zooming in too far when taking the photograph. Try to include any identifying or distinguishing objects that are nearby.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests with multiple photos. Submit the single best photo or ticket representing the issue and include comments for multiple tags.