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The mission of the Public Works Department is to enhance the quality of life in the township by doing the following:

  • Maintaining the township's roads, storm and sanitary sewers, parks and other infrastructure
  • Enhancing public health through the collection and disposal of household solid wastes
  • Promoting environmentally sound living by collecting leaves and recyclable materials
  • Maximizing operations by maintaining the township's fleet of vehicles and equipment

Organizational Structure

The department is divided into several divisions under the direction of Director Ricky Foster who is supported by:

The Public Works Department work crew is comprised of hard working, dedicated equipment operators, drivers, laborers, automotive technicians, and other specialists.

Request a Service (411 Application)

For any Public Works related service requests, we invite all Radnor Township residents to download our new 411 application, Radnor Connect. We are excited about this new citizen engagement platform as it adds another layer of convenience and accessibility for our residents.

Radnor Connect is a free, simple, and intuitive online and smartphone application that enables the residents of Radnor Township to identify quality of life and environmental issues and report them to the appropriate department.

Powered by CitySourced technology, the application uses your mobile devices’ global positioning system (GPS) to automatically provide the issue's location, simplifying the reporting process for both you and Township staff. Once you have submitted an issue, you track resolution efforts within Radnor Connect or via the web. Radnor Connect is free to download and use. Subscribe today!

**For Bulk Item Pickup Requests, please refer to the Payment Center.** 

** For Report a Pothole, please subscribe to Radnor Connect, 411 Application.**