Eco-Friendly Yard Program

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What is an Eco-Friendly Yard?

An eco-friendly yard is one where chemical herbicides and pesticides are not used. It is also a place that has diverse plants that provide habitat for beneficial insects, wildlife, and pollinators.


How Do I Create an Environmentally Friendly Yard?

• Avoid chemical fertilizers
• Avoid all chemical pesticides and herbicides
• Use electric equipment and/or require your lawn care service to use electric equipment
• Reduce grass surface replacing it with sustainable, native plants, bushes & trees
• Mow higher & water less
• Mulch clippings & leaves


Radnor Township Eco-Friendly Yard Designation

Part of the Eco Yard program includes highlighting what an environmentally friendly lawn “looks like” by featuring the lawns of residents who are maintaining such a yard.

Residents where 40% of the lawn is in diverse plantings will be eligible to receive a “ECO-FRIENDLY LAWN AWARD”. This award will be in the form of a yard banner stating that they have received the award.

Please email us at if you feel you qualify!