Radnor Township Ready for 100 Green Team

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Are you ready for a renewable energy future?

Radnor is ready for the path to 100% Renewable Energy. In response to the climate crisis, Radnor Township has joined the movement of neighboring towns and others across the country in adopting to the Ready for 100 (Rf100) goals: 100 percent renewable electricity by 2035 and 100 percent renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050. Transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind will reduce greenhouse gases emitted by the burning of fossil fuels.

Just what is Radnor Township’s current energy use today? In fact, energy use in Radnor Township is high, with per capita residential energy use ranking in the top 10 among the 40 Delaware County municipalities. Those who live, work and travel through Radnor Township spend each year approximately $100 million consuming 8% of all energy used in Delaware County (see the plan below).

Radnor has a Climate Action Plan. In February 2021, the Township Board of Commissioners accepted a Renewable Energy and Conservation Plan, which had been commissioned in response to Radnor Township’s Rf100 resolution A Vision For A 100 Clean Renewable Energy Future. See the full action plan here.

What can you do right now to help Radnor meet its Rf100 goals?

  • Commit: Take The Rf100 Pledge (or see below)
    Conserve: Use less energy through conservation and efficiency (see below)
  • Convert: Migrate energy usage to electricity generated from renewable sources (see below)
  • Cooperate:
  • Become a Rf100 volunteer by signing up others to Take The Pledge.
  • Support legislative efforts to make renewable energy more available and affordable

Reduce your Electricity Usage and Heating Costs: The cost of renewable energy is increasingly cost-competitive with energy generated from fossil fuels. There are a range climate-friendly actions available for individuals, organizations, and township to conserve and transition to renewable energy. These actions are listed below, and links for you to learn more and do more are available in the Resources section shown in the graphic,

  • Get a home energy audit and consider financial incentives for energy conservation
  • Buy renewable electrical energy for your home or business through the grid via Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Consider installation of solar panels on your home or business through the Solarize Delaware County program
  • Consider an electric heat pump for central heating and air conditioning when your fossil fuel-fired boiler needs replacing
  • Lobby Radnor Township to pass an ordinance requiring owners of commercial and institutional buildings to file an annual benchmarking report on energy consumption, followed by an energy audit and ‘retuning’ of energy usage systems
  • Encourage Radnor Township to negotiate with developers to adopt high efficiency, all electric construction in new buildings
  • Advocate at the state level for the adoption of policies and laws that support energy conservation and renewable energy

Make transportation energy cleaner. Electric vehicles (EV’s), available from a growing number of manufacturers, provide a way of reducing fossil fuel emissions from transportation, especially when powered by renewable energy. As their sales numbers increase EV prices are expected to decrease.

At the township level, there are a range of actions that residents can advocate to encourage EV use and make the township more EV-ready. These actions are listed below, and links for you to learn and do more are available in the Resources section.

  • Create a Community-Wide EV Infrastructure Plan
  • Facilitate permitting and installation of public and private electrical charging stations
  • Develop a municipal EV fleet
  • Collaborate with PECO to ensure sufficient electrical capacity and monitor public charging station usage
  • Adopt an ordinance that supports Transit-Oriented Development

About the Radnor Rf100 Green Team

  • The RE100 Green Team is a group of Radnor Township residents committed to nonpartisan climate action and transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2040. We are sanctioned by working in support of the township community’s goals of conservation, environmental health, and sustainability.
  • Connect with us
  • Let us know how you are doing conserving energy and transitioning to renewable energy sources. Send us a message to share your story READY4RADNOR@gmail.com.
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Take the Ready for 100 Pledge!

  • Sign up here!
  • Print this form, sign it, and use it to move towards a renewable energy future!