Conditional Use Hearings

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Hamilton Estate - 204 & 228 Strafford Avenue, 18 Forrest Lane (2023 Application)

Conditional Use Application for Hamilton Estate

Conditional Use Plans

Neighbor Plan Exhibit 4A

August 10, 2023

Hamilton transcript 8 10 2023

December 7, 2023

Hamilton Transcript 12-7-23

January 29, 2024

A-1 19-033_Hamilton Estate_Landscape and Lighting_5-24-23

A-1 202305251148

A-1 230515-PCSM Report-Hamilton-Strafford Ave

A-1 230518 Conditional Use Plan Set-Hamilton-Strafford Ave

A-1 a_final_Houder_38_051523

A-1 Hamilton - Conditional Use Application - Application Package

A-1 Hamilton - Conditional Use Application - Development Impact Statement

A-1 Hamilton - Conditional Use Application - Draft Planned Community Declaration

A-1 Hamilton - Conditional Use Submission Letter

A-1 Hamilton Estate South - Strafford Ave (6367932v1)

A-1 Hamilton Property Elevations - SFA - Radnor Hamilton_01-28-20

A-1 Memo - Haverford Properties Radnor TH Fiscal 5-17-2023

A-1 SFPM Package Hamilton Strafford 5-24-2023-r1

A-2 Houder - CV - 2024

A-3 Adjudication (final 4.16.21)

A-4 Neighbor Plan-Hamilton

Hamilton Transcript 1-29-24

January 31, 2024

A-5 Lambert CV

A-6 Aerial Image and Surrounding

A-7 Zoning Map

A-8 230518-Existing Conditions

A-9a GF Hamilton CU Application

A-9b Gilmore CU-V2 Review 1

A-9c Rockwell Hamilton CU Plan – tree - landscape review.

A-10 230915-Conditional Use Plan Set-Hamilton-Strafford Ave

A-11a 230918-Response to 8-01-23 Gannett Fleming Review Letter for CU plans

A-11b 230918-Response Ltr to 8-01-23 Gilmore review letter for CU plans

A-12 Conditional Use Plan Set

A-13 Stormwater Mangement Report - FULL

A-14A 240131 Supplemental Respose to GF

A-14B 240131 Supplemental Response to Gilmore

Hamilton Transcript 1-31-24

February 15, 2024

A-4a Neighbor Plan

A-15-Neighbor Drainage Plan

A-16 R4 Single Family Lot Subdivision Plan

Hamilton Transcript 2-15-24

March 7, 2024

A-19 Frank Tavani

A-20 Traffic Report

Hamilton Transcript 3-7-24

March 20, 2024

A-25 Common Driveways

Hamilton Transcript - 3-20-24

April 17, 2024

A-21 Panzak Resume

A-22 Tree Inventory

A-23 Response to Arborist Review

A-24a Eagle Road Street Frontage