Department Responsibility

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»Department Responsibility
The Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for the administration, operation, development, and maintenance of recreational facilities and programming for all its citizens to the highest standards of safety, reliability, quality, and dignity.   We believe our contribution is important to everyone in establishing core foundations that lead to a better quality of life.

»Department Vision
The vision of the Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department is to provide safe and equitable access to recreational programming and parks for all its citizens that enhances their quality of life through an array of benefits. 

»Department Mission
The mission of the Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department is to provide quality of life services for all members of the community by offering an array of recreational programming, parks, facilities, and services that are delivered to the highest standards of excellence and/are:

  • Safe, thoughtful, and strategically planned from every perspective.

  • Willfully inclusive, accessible, and diverse in approach across all interests, abilities, cultures, ages, and for present and future generations.

  • Make an enriching and positive impact on overall health and well-being through creativity, innovation, and deliberate contemplation.

  • Respond to the evolving needs of our community and explore new areas.

  • Strive to protect, preserve, and enhance our environment, natural resources, open spaces, culture, and history.

  • Operate in the best interest of our expansive parks and recreation system.

  • Collaborative when beneficial and designed to build a sense of community for everyone.

  • Delivered with exceptional standards of quality, reliability, and excellence in public service.

 »Department Goals & Objectives
The Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department operates within established annual goal setting of priorities and strategic planning that is aligned with the overall objectives of Radnor Township.  We have an open and continual focus on identifying, developing, and maintaining recreational interests and improvements for the community along with providing guidelines for quality control of programs and services.  This is inclusive of working directly with residents to meet their recreational needs in all ways possible.

»Department Customer Service & Communication
The Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department prides itself on exceptional communications and customer service.  We are accessible by phone and email and ready to provide the information you are looking for.  Our knowledge extends beyond the department and to the broader range of local recreational activities and organizations. 

»Department Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
The Radnor Township Parks & Recreation Department has the privilege of serving a vibrant and diverse community where it actively and intentionally strives to provide something for everyone.  It is important to us that everyone feels safe and respected through the recreational opportunities we make available while continually being accessible to learn more about the unique perspectives and backgrounds that represent our great community.

»Department Stance on Citizen Feedback
Ongoing needs assessments and evaluations are conducted to maintain popular programs and services, and to start many new ones.  We also want your feedback on what you would like to see because we are always ready to accept new challenges and explore new territory!