Dogs In Parks & Trails

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Updated Notice - Adoption of Ordinance 2024-01


Radnor Township Board of Commissioners upon recommendation of the Radnor Township Park and Recreation Board and Township Administration, hereby enact and ordain the following amendment to Chapters 115 and 205 of the Radnor Code of Ordinances:

Section 1.  Chapter 115, Animals, Article 3, Section 115-7 Dogs at Large is hereby revised to read as follows:

A. It shall be unlawful for any owner of a dog, unlicensed or licensed, to permit such dog to run at large unaccompanied by the owner.  The word “owner”, as used in this article, shall include any person having a right of proprietorship or ownership in a dog and every person who keeps or harbors or regularly feeds a dog, or has it in a person’s care, and every person who permits a dog on or about any premises occupied by that person.  A dog shall be deemed “at large” if unaccompanied by the owner and not on a leash except for specific park areas described in Chapter 205 of the Code. 

Section 2.   Chapter 205, Park and Recreation Areas, Article I, Section 205-4 Restricted Activities. A. (8) is hereby revised to read as follows:
(8)  Pets running free. Pets may accompany owners when under control unless specifically prohibited and posted by the Township. Additionally, the Township has posted specific leash requirements as follows:
Skunk Hollow Park & Trails----all dogs shall be on leash on Saturdays, Sundays and on all Township holidays, as established by the Township on an annual basis, from 12:00 PM (noon) to the closing of the park at dusk.  The Board of Commissioners may reevaluate the foregoing requirement on an annual basis and may add additional requirements on other park lands owned by the Township.

Section 2.  Repealer. All ordinances or parts of ordinances which are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

Section 3.  Severability. If any section, paragraph, subsection, clause or provision of this Ordinance shall be declared invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity of this Ordinance as a whole or any part thereof other than that portion specifically declared invalid.

Notice of Current Discussions on the Topic of Dogs in Township Parks:

Skunk Hollow Park & Trails

Another focused meeting took place on Thursday, December 14th with the Parks & Recreation Board regarding Dogs in the Willows Park and Skunk Hollow Park/Trails (3 of 3 meetings to date). 
The video from the December 14th Meeting can be accessed via the following link: CLICK HERE

The following motion was developed by the Parks Board members that has been forwarded on to the Board of Commissioners for their review:
WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation Board believes it is the duty of the Township to ensure that its parks and other public amenities can be safely used and enjoyed by all residents and that the needs and preferences of all residents be accommodated as reasonably practicable; and
WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation Board acknowledges the current privileges and benefits of allowing dogs off-leash in Skunk Hollow Park; and
WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation Board is aware of reports of negative off-leash behaviors by dogs which support recommendation of some limitations in Skunk Hollow Park; and
WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation Board supports the sustainable coexistence of dogs, dog owners and human park users who are not accompanied by dogs in Skunk Hollow Park; and
WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation Board appreciates the input of Radnor Township residents in this process and would encourage continued input from Radnor Township residents regarding these recommendations and the etiquette of dogs in parks within Radnor Township; and
THEREFORE, the Parks and Recreation Board recommends that the Board of Commissioners take action to establish reasonable limitations on off-leash dogs in Skunk Hollow Park including the following:
1. Requiring all dogs to be on-leash after noon on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in Skunk Hollow Park;
2. Placing additional signage and infrastructure necessary to inform the public that the Willows Park is a dog-free park, of any rules regarding dogs in Skunk Hollow Park, and appropriate etiquette for having dogs in Skunk Hollow Park; 
3. Requiring the Parks and Recreation Board to revisit and reevaluate these recommendations within two (2) years unless circumstances warrant an earlier review; and
4. Allowing the Township to set any usage restrictions necessary for dogs in Skunk Hollow Park for any pre-planned events and programs sponsored by the Township.

The Board of Commissioners will review and consider this motion, and an Ordinance reflecting this motion, at the Monday, February 12th Meeting at the Radnor Township Building in the Radnorshire Room at 6:30 PM.  

If approved, this Ordinance would the be up for adoption at the Monday, February 26th Board of Commissioners Meeting at the Radnor Township Building in the Radnorshire Room at 6:30 PM.

One substantive change to the motion will be to consider item # 3 above, revisit and reevaluate these recommendations within one (1) year unless circumstances warrant an earlier review (opposed to 2 years outlined above). 


Important Reminders:
Dogs are NOT permitted at the following parks:

  • Bo Connor Park
  • Clem Macrone Park
  • Cowan Park
  • Dittmar Park
  • Encke Park
  • Fenimore Woods Park
  • Odorisio Park
  • Radnor Memorial Park
  • Warren Filipone Park
  • The Willows Park

Dogs ARE permitted at the following Parks:

  • Emlen Tunnell Park
  • Friends of Radnor Trails Park
  • Harford Park
  • Ithan Valley Park
  • North Wayne Park
  • Petrie Avenue Park
  • Saw Mill Park
  • Skunk Hollow Park
  • Radnor Trail

The following are reminders so that can work together to keep our parks and trails as places that everyone (both 2- and 4- legged!) can enjoy year round!

1.) While dogs are not currently required by Township code to be on a leash in our parks, they are required to be under control and close to his/her owner at all times. Please be courteous of others who share the parks and trails with your pet.

2.) Leaving waste on the ground is a health hazard! Look for receptacles located throughout our parks for bags and garbage bins that you can use to quickly clean up after your pet. Receptacles/Bag Stations are not located everywhere, so we strongly suggest bringing your own bags with you and taking your trash with you when you leave the park. Please do not deposit waste bags in our parks or on our trails! 

Please report emergency issues by dialing 9-1-1!


Dogs Permitted Township Parks Map

Upcoming Events & Programs: 


Pet First Aid Training!

Annual Howl-O-Ween at Harford Park Event