Fishing Line Clean Up & Recycling Matters!

Each year, more than 100,000 mammals die from ingesting debris or becoming entangled in fishing lines, nets, and other types of fishing gear.

Fishing line, regardless of what type, can cause serious damage when disposed of improperly. These problems stem from the fact that fishing line isn't biodegradable. Instead, it can remain in the environment for over 600 years!

Please do your part to stop this by recycling your fishing line and netting at a recycle station located at Fenimore Woods and Willows Park ponds and at Saw Mill Park near the fishing stream (more locations will be evaluated in the future).

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2024 Environmental & Nature Initiative Events At A Glance

Need to responsibly recycle old clothing and electronics? Visit to schedule a pickup on your doorstep. 

The Radnor Township Shade Tree Commission (STC) is responsible  for the protection, preservation, and growth of the township's tree  canopy. The STC reviews removals and various construction permits for compliance with the township's Shade Tree Ordinance. The STC is responsible for a long-term guide for the planting of trees throughout the township. Because of these standards, Radnor has been designated as a Tree City USA community for more than 30 years. Click the image below to learn more about the Radnor Shade Tree Commission.